Cashmere Cardigan

Wrapping yourself in a cashmere cardigan feels like a warm embrace. The material made from the super soft undercoat of the cashmere goat is lighter and warmer than wool and on top of that a long-lasting companion. All it needs is a little love.


Wash only from time to time. Airing in-between wears is often enough. If you want an extra fresh feeling, use a spritz of our oat-based fabric spray. Always check the care label. If possible, machine wash in the wool cycle at a low temperature and spin as this is most gentle. When washing, turn inside out and always use a special detergent for wool and cashmere. Alternatively, handwash in lukewarm water as too warm or too cold water can damage the fibres. Gently squeeze out excess water, roll in a clean towel to get rid of even more excess moisture. Carefully pull into shape and dry flat.


Even the finest cashmere is not immune to pilling as this is a natural process caused by friction. Gently remove the knots with a cashmere comb or fabric shaver and your wardrobe treasures look like new. Also, wear your garments with care – using them during physical activities or even as middle layer of a layering look can lead to increased pilling. Give your cashmere treasures enough time to rest between wears. This way the stressed fibres can find back into place.